2014 AL East Preview

Blue Monday: The Day That Haunts Montreal

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2014 MLB Preview

Features and blog posts and Yasiel Puig GIFs, oh my! Welcome to Grantland’s 2014 MLB Preview Hub.

The 2014 MLB season is rapidly approaching. Prepare for Opening Day (well, Opening Days …) with Grantland’s MLB Preview, which includes Jonah Keri’s division primers, our staff MLB Warning countdown series, over/under odds, fantasy baseball advice, and much more. Check back daily for updates.


Jonah Keri’s Divisional Primers


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AL East
Are the defending world champions even the best team in their own division?

AL Central
The Tigers look to fend off the rising Indians and Royals, while the White Sox and Twins count down the minutes until 2015.

AL West
Can the Angels find enough pitching to turn the AL West into a three-team race?

NL East
The East is a two-team race, but ample young talent will keep things interesting for the cellar dwellers.

NL Central
Will the Central be a three- or even four-team race … or a cakewalk for the defending NL champions?

NL West
While the Dodgers look like the clear class of the division, every other team looks capable of finishing second … or last.




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2014 MLB Season Predictions
By Jonah Keri
Opening Day has arrived! To mark the occasion, Jonah Keri is gazing into his crystal ball to offer his picks for the division races, World Series champion, and postseason awards.

MLB Over/Under Jamboree
By Jonah Keri
Good news for the Mets? Bad news for the Yankees? The chance to win some Gummi Bears? It must be time for the annual MLB Over/Under report.

The Breakout Brigade
By Jonah Keri
Some of these players have already tasted MLB success. Others have barely gotten a cup of coffee. But they’re all poised to emerge as serious difference-makers in 2014.

Apples and Oranges, Bambinos and Billy Goats
By Rany Jazayerli
No, Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer haven’t fixed the Cubs as quickly as they fixed the Red Sox. But the only bigger mistake than expecting that would be counting them out in the long run.

Beane Counters
By Jonah Keri
A two-hour sit-down with Oakland’s Billy Beane and Lew Wolff sheds light on the rise of big data, the value of continuity, the challenge of ballin’ on a budget, and much more.

The Year of Living Less Dangerously
By Ben Lindbergh
Major League Baseball is rarely ahead of the curve, but with a growing spotlight on catcher concussions, the league is working hard to enhance safety. Restricting home plate collisions is merely the latest step.

Building a Better Bryce Harper
By Louisa Thomas
Can the Nationals’ über-young, muscle-bound superstar go to the next level this season? That’s a clown question, bro.

Moneyball … But With Money
By Jonah Keri
The World Series champions have tons of cash, and they’re not afraid to spend it. But as the Red Sox mount their title defense, they’re not relying on money alone.

Great Expectations, Great Variations
By Jonah Keri
Every team wants to develop its own Mike Trout or Clayton Kershaw. Not every team tries to do that in the same way, however. To better understand baseball’s competing prospect philosophies, we hit the spring training circuit.

The Duracell GM Generation?
By Ben Lindbergh
Today’s baseball general managers seem to be enjoying unprecedented job security. But is it a real trend, or a fluke? And if it is real, what’s causing it?

No Nonsense
By Charles P. Pierce
Where do the defending World Series champion Red Sox go from here?

Roster Doctor: Fantasy Baseball Preview
By Jonah Keri
Forget about cheat sheets and draft kits and customizable rankings. To assemble a successful team, you need to understand only one thing: value.

The 30: Offseason Stock Report
By Jonah Keri
With the hot stove cooling and spring ball firing up, it’s time to rank and assess all 30 MLB teams.


MLB Warning


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1-Day Warning
By Grantland Staff
MLB Season Preview Shootaround (the Horn)

4-Day Warning
By Michael Baumann
Introducing the 2014 All-MLB.TV Team

5-Day Warning
By Rany Jazayerli
Superfluous in Seattle

6-Day Warning
By Andrew Sharp
An Airing of Grievances and Some #NATITUDE

7-Day Warning
By Rembert Browne
Checking In on the BARVES Story Lines

8-Day Warning
By Mallory Rubin
Hey, Orioles Fans, It’s Going to Be OK

11-Day Warning
By Michael Baumann
Your Australian Opener FAQ and Pseudo One-Day Warning

12-Day Warning
By Michael Baumann
Learning to Love Baseball’s (Almost, But Not Quite) Least Interesting Team

13-Day Warning
By Mark Lisanti
Your Friendly Reminder That the Yankees Are Beginning the Season With a Potentially Terrible Infield

14-Day Warning
By Michael Baumann
Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Might Not Be Terrible Anymore

15-Day Warning
By Danny Chau
Finding the Soul of Sabermetrics … in a Van Morrison Song

18-Day Warning
By Michael Baumann

19-Day Warning
By Corban Goble
Finally, It Looks Like Moose Season

20-Day Warning
By Ben Lindbergh
Learning to Beat the Big, Bad Shift

21-Day Warning
By Craig Gaines
The Agony of Dual Fandom

22-Day Warning
By Michael Baumann
Little Guys, Big Stuff

25-Day Warning
By Spike Friedman
The Inverted Mariners Are Anything But Average

26-Day Warning
By Sean Fennessey
Zack Wheeler, the Son of Odin, and Wily Old Sandy Alderson Are Slowly Saving the Mets

27-Day Warning
By Michael Baumann
The Astros Are Going to Suck Slightly Less This Year

28-Day Warning
By Jason Bailey
Appreciating Ichiro

29-Day Warning
By Ben Lindbergh
Billy Hamilton Is the Hero We Need

32-Day Warning
By Michael Baumann
Jason Kipnis Is Ready to Take the Second-Base Belt

33-Day Warning
By Rany Jazayerli
Phil Hughes Might Be the Bargain of the Offseason

34-Day Warning
By Michael Baumann
Appreciating Anew the Suddenly Underexposed and Underrated Bryce Harper

35-Day Warning
By Sarah Larimer
How Can You Not Love These Cardinals? (OK, OK! Don’t Answer That.)


More From the Triangle


AP Photo/Alex Brandon

The Vanishing First Base Prospect
By Michael Baumann
Where have all the young first basemen gone?

MLB Advanced Media Q&A
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Be a Good Baseball Fan!
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Don’t Hate Your Team’s Best Player!

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By Jonah Keri
Hey! A Frenchy Sighting!

NL Non-Roster Invitees
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A Parade of Power Pitching Prospects

AL Spring Training Primer
By Michael Baumann
Have the Red Sox Shaved Those Stupid Beards? Plus, More Camp Questions

NL Spring Training Primer
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Are the Cardinals Still Talking About Their Fans? Plus, More Camp Questions

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