The State of Scary TV

‘The Returned’ and ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ join ‘The Walking Dead’ in offering high-quality horror.

October 30, 2015

Brand Echh: Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob Thornton Can’t Save the Lame ‘Our Brand Is Crisis’

If you look at it as another sincere and affectionate cover-band take on a popcorn genre from director David Gordon Green, ‘Crisis’ almost makes sense.

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50 Scenes That Do Not Appear in the Fox ‘X-Files’ Revival

A spoiler-free take on the return of the beloved sci-fi series!

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October 29, 2015

In Praise of Beach Slang, 2015’s Best, Most Sincere Rock Band

James Alex writes songs about the beauty of the rock-and-roll lifestyle and he really means it.

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Who Was Missing From Taylor Swift’s Miami Squad?

Taylor left some South Beach legends off the list.

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Happy ‘Halloween’: The Best Horror-Movie Monsters

Who ya got? Freddy? Jason? Michael Myers? Read on to find out our scientifically determined top 10.

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The State of Scary TV: ‘The Returned’ and ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Join ‘The Walking Dead’ in Offering High-Quality Horror

This weekend sees the premiere of Bruce Campbell’s new show, as well as the return of SundanceTV’s excellent series.

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‘The Andy Greenwald Podcast’: Aya Cash of ‘You’re the Worst’

‘You’re the Worst’ costar Aya Cash joins Andy Greenwald to discuss acting, N.Y. vs. L.A., and her character’s remarkable dramatic turn.

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