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  • David Jacoby is joined by guest Ryan Russillo talking championship trophies, Melo’s position in Houston, the NBA salary cap education hour, plus more of your Twitter and VM’s!

  • Big Offseasons for Vikes & Raiders

    Bill Barnwell talks with Courtney Cronin about the Vikings re-signing of Danielle Hunter, and if Stefon Diggs will get an extension. Plus, Ted Nguyen on the flurry of offseason moves by the Oakland Raiders.

  • David Jacoby is joined by NBA veteran Ryan Hollins talking all things summer NBA, including Jerry West on wax, KD’s clap back, Rockets talk Melo, plus more Twitter and VM’s!

  • Rosenberg Sounds off on Brock and the UFC

    Special 90 minute episode!! Rosenberg Sounds off on Brock and the UFC, the boys laugh about Velveteen’s brilliance, and much more.

  • Lowe Post: Beck, Nichols on Lakers, Durant's Future, Knicks

    Zach talks to Howard Beck and Rachel Nichols about potential postseason restructuring (3:42), the Lakers’ rebuild (18:50), Kevin Durant’s future (27:00) and much more.

  • Lowe Post: Gobert On NBA Rise, Mitchell, More

    Zach talks to Utah’s Rudy Gobert about his rise in the NBA, chasing Golden State, Donovan Mitchell, proving doubters wrong, and more.

  • Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk NBA Free Agency, Warriors long term, OKC party with Nasir, Power watch party, Curry family newest Cannon, Time Zone rankings and More!!!

  • Happy 4th Of July Weekend!

    Rosenberg loses his mind over Sasha and Bayley. the Black Power Rankings are back, and Alexa Bliss joins the show. Whoa. Enjoy yourself!

  • Lowe Post: Tim Kawakami joins to discuss Cousins signing with the Warriors

    Zach talks to The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami about Demarcus Cousins signing with the Warriors.

  • Lowe Post: Brian Windhorst on LeBron to Lakers and all things free agency

    Zach talks to Brian Windhorst about LeBron heading to Los Angeles to play for the Lakers and all things free agency.

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