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Grantland’s 2014 Super Bowl Coverage

Our staff's exhaustive coverage of Super Bowl XLVIII

The Features

Are We Having Fun Yet?

By Brian Phillips
Witnessing the Super Bowl spectacle in New York

Seattle’s Best

By Bill Barnwell
Peyton Manning and his Broncos are left to pick up the pieces after being dominated by the Seahawks

The Super Bag

By Bill Simmons
In honor of Super Bowl XLVIII, here are 48 emails from actual readers

The Official Super Bowl Preview

By Bill Barnwell
When the coin is flipped and the game actually starts, what will we see on Sunday?

Better With Age

By Chris B. Brown
How did a 37-year-old passer three years removed from neck surgery deliver a historic season and Super Bowl berth? Credit a subtle but essential offensive shift

Super Bowl Swan Song

By Bill Barnwell
Emotional attachments aside, the NFL is still a business and there are a few players who will be leaving town after Sunday

Marshawn Lynch: Beast Mode Evolved

By Bill Barnwell
The rise, fall, and rise of Seattle’s bruising running back

A Tale of Two Cities

By Bill Barnwell
What happens when the Broncos’ historic offense faces off against the Seahawks’ immovable defense?

The NFL Honor Roll

By Bill Barnwell
Here are our picks to take home the trophies

FiveThirtyEight Guest Post: Let It Snow?

By Harry Enten
And sleet. And rain. So, uh, how bad WILL the weather be for the Super Bowl?

Loud Noises

By Louisa Thomas
Richard Sherman and the 12th Man roar their way to the Super Bowl

Orange Crush

By Robert Mays
Terrance Knighton’s overwhelming size, Peyton Manning’s undeniable skill, and John Elway’s quiet little decisions have the Broncos headed to the Super Bowl

Championship Wrap-up: They Are Who We Thought They Were

By Bill Barnwell
The Super Bowl is set, but just how did the Broncos and Seahawks manage to get there?


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