Triangle Super Bowl Diary, Day 2: The Sweet Music of Media Day

You are looking LIVE at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. So many questions today. Will Marshawn Lynch skip media day? Will some Vice reporter drop acid? Who will come through with the zany haircut? What is the Rutgers band doing over there?


They are playing “Get Lucky” as I type this. Or I think it’s “Get Lucky.” It could be “Blurred Lines.” Anyway, we’re here. Media day. Today’s going to be a complete mess, so we probably won’t post anything until tomorrow, but here we go. Look, another marching band! This one’s on the field.


And another. Feel the energy in here.


And one more from the Jets, featuring the coolest drummer of all time.


They were just interviewing LaVar Arrington on the JumboTron, but that’s beside the point. What’s most important to know is that Super Bowl media day has four marching bands for some reason. Today should be great.

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