Analysis: Big Ten Spring Football

Join us as we take a tourist’s glance at the nebulous between-world of spring football, so often neither footbally nor springy. Previously: the ACC, the SEC, the Big 12, and the Pac-12. This week: the Big Ten, where a breakout star has captivated the hearts of a conference — and a nation.

Who All Is in the Big Ten This Year?

The Increasingly Inaccurately Named Big Ten, which has held steady at 12 programs for three seasons, continues its trek away from the number in its name by adding Maryland and Rutgers this year. Before the Terps’ and Scarlet Knights’ arrival, the league’s most recent addition was Nebraska, a team coached by a man who brought a cat to this year’s spring game as a nod to his popular parody Twitter account.

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Who’s That Cat? Nebraska Spring Game Mascot Anya!

Who’s That Cat is a spinoff of Grantland’s informative Who’s That Guy series.

Who’s That Cat? Anya Rowley, cat of Nebraska athletic department employee Ethan Rowley.

How Did That Cat Not Kill Anybody? We’re presuming here, but it seems likely the cat found Bo Pelini’s natural cantankerousness an organic complement to her own cattish disposition, and comported herself accordingly.

Should We Know This Cat? That decision has been made for you by no lesser authority than the Worldwide Leader in Sports.

Spring Football Preview: Nebraska

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