The Video for Mike WiLL Made It's '23' Can Mean Only One Thing: It's Miley Cyrus Day! (Again!)

Big day for Miley. Let’s start with the above music video, for the silly, fun, insanely listenable “23,” her collaboration with frequent producer/rumored bf Mike WiLL Made It, Juicy J, and Wiz Khalifa. It’s basically a Saved by the Bell high school party fantasy transported to what one has to assume is the Chicago suburbs, complete with outraged principal and girls’ bathroom shenanigans. It’s glorious, Miley looks fantastic, and everyone wins. Our girl also had a big cover story out in Rolling Stone today, in which she calls Kanye West her “homie” (he bought her five pairs of fur Céline slippers, she now calls him for fashion advice, he’s probably thrilled to have such a willing sartorial acolyte), and reveals she may or may not have been watching Breaking Bad closely enough to “literally cook her own meth.” Also, Floyd Mayweather wants her to escort him into the ring for his next fight.

All of this makes one wonder, what could possibly be left for the next Miley Cyrus Day? Probably a hologram, a Virgin Galactic flight, and an eight-part Ken Burns documentary, not necessarily in that order.

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