The Conscious Uncoupling Is for Real: Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Are Still Cohabiting

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So it turns out Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are really serious about this alternative-relationship business. According to recent legal documents obtained by TMZ, the consciously uncoupled Goople are apparently still living on the same property. The legal documents, which are part of a restraining order Paltrow filed against a stalker fan, name Martin as one of the people protected by the order, saying he “Lives w/ Petitioner” Gwyn. This jibes with pre–separation announcement blind items that suggested Chris and Gwyneth had been living in separate houses on a Brentwood property for a while. Is Gwyneth secretly playing the long con where she and Chris will end up back together after he sees how chill she is about being divorced? You know Apple and Moses will Parent Trap Chris and Gwyneth into locking eyes over a hot tray of gluten-free vegan lasagna, leading to a night of earthy reconciliation in the English garden of their L.A. estate.

Separating from your partner but still hanging out with them constantly is all the rage, according to Hilary Duff (who attended Coachella with her formerly estranged husband Mike Comrie) and maybe also Beyoncé (if the darkest rumors are true). Paltrow has not been spotted with a new love interest since the split was announced. Meanwhile, Martin’s representative denied that Martin is dating British fashion personality Alexa Chung, after the two were spotted having drinks together in a dark New York bar. The denial doesn’t prove Martin and Chung aren’t together, just that they’re not being public about it yet. Martin and Chung were also reportedly busted attending Glastonbury together, before news of Chris’s conscious uncoupling with Goop came out, and there have been rumors that new Coldplay single “Magic” is a secret ode to Chung.

Paltrow and Martin may have even been separated for a while now. They might actually be practicing what they preach when it comes to modern coparenting. Maybe they weren’t just using invented New Age terminology as a euphemism for divorce. Gwyneth might have even googled “compersion” and read the Wikipedia entry for polyamory. They really are pioneering the frontiers of bohemian partnership, kind of like Don and Megan Draper. How long until she invites her redheaded friend Amy (Adams) over and proposes a threesome?

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