Take a Five-Minute Look at The CW’s ‘The Flash’

You like superheroes with pathos and murdered parents and TV shows about their salad days? The CW, purveyors of Arrow, have your back; The Flash is coming. No trace of Queen, but they’ve got Tom Cavanagh, star of the unsung legend that was NBC’s Ed. Plus the Flash running hella fast.

82-year-old Casey Kasem was found in Washington state nine days after he went missing.

She’s the people’s Beyoncé,” Earl Sweatshirt says of Solange. “And she know how to kick.”

Here are some Mockingjay stills.

Match the Mad Men pitches to the products.

Chipotle has mega-famous authors writing things for its cups now. (You can read the pieces of writing online. You don’t have to go to Chipotle.)

A very magical teaser for Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella.

OWN’s doing a Michael Sam show.

Kiernan Shipka and Catherine Keener are doing a dysfunctional family indie called The Greens Are Gone.

Bob Odenkirk’s preparing a comedy album.

Nicolas Winding Refn may do a horror movie for Sony. “The Bringing is based on occurrences at L.A.’s Cecil Hotel, which has a history of the macabre. Its latest claim to infamy was the incident involving Elisa Lam, a woman who was found dead in a water tank on the hotel’s roof. Before she died, however, Lam was captured on camera behaving strangely in a hotel elevator.” We know Refn knows his way around an elevator.

Post-Neighbors rumor: Zac Efron for Marvel?

And a July festival gig may be Black Sabbath’s last.

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