The ‘Better Call Saul’ Music Video Is Weird; Does It Say Anything About the Actual Show?

Last night, AMC finished a Breaking Bad marathon, one in which a bunch of episodes played each Sunday for two months. To give the final night a “must-see” quality, they threw a Better Call Saul music video into the mix. It’s online now, and it’s weird.

In the clip, Junior Brown (actual country singer, not an addition to the BrBa-verse) sings a twangy tune called, surprise, “Better Call Saul.” In a music video that looks designed by someone who worked on Twin Peaks and/or Natural Born Killers, Brown reminds us that Saul Goodman is never happier than when he’s working with murderers, kidnappers, and scam artists.

Thing is, we know Saul pretty well already. Breaking Bad never made him seem like anything more than a uniquely talented strip mall lawyer of the oiliest order. So does this new clip tell us anything about the show we’re stuck waiting for until February 2015? Not particularly. While the video is held together by a few muted Better Call Saul clips, there’s not much to glean. Saul will get some courtroom scenes, Saul will still be balding, and intense, and, of course, corny.

Oh, and the whole thing is a big Breaking Bad reference, don’t forget:

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