OMG Jeremy Shockey Totes Tweeted a Text Message With Sean Payton!!!

On Wednesday, Warren Sapp more or less accused Jeremy Shockey of being the “snitch” in the New Orleans/Bounty-Gate investigation. Shockey denied it. On Thursday, Shockey tweeted a conversation between Payton and himself in an effort to prove just how cool the two were with one another.

Two takeaways:

1. Sean Payton! Unexpected use of “!!!s” Not the giddiest cat in person. Really would not have expected him to be so beside himself in SMS form!!!!!!!!

2. Is Payton’s assertion that Shockey was in offensive meetings with him a suggestion that the coach was as in the dark about the bounties being offered by defensive coordinator Gregg Williams as everyone else? Is this a coordinated media campaign orchestrated by Payton and Shockey to create an illusion of innocence around the embattled coach? In his Sports Illustrated story on Bounty-Gate, Peter King compared the scandal to Watergate. Does this make Jeremy Shockey … John Ehrlichman?


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