The ‘Ashtrays and Heartbreaks’ Music Video: Here Comes Miley Cyrus’s Dark Period

When Miley Cyrus and Snoop Lion’s “Ashtrays and Heartbreaks” dropped a couple months ago, you were probably like Hey, what a nice, summery, mindless little chill sesh, right? It’s just melancholy enough to spur theories about Miley’s rumored confirmed crumbling personal life, but has a nice, positive “life-goes-on-as-long-as-you-don’t-get-lung-cancer” vibe. It’s nice that Cyrus doesn’t have to be coy about how much marijuana she smokes anymore.

So obviously, when you set out to shoot the music video for such an optimistic stoner anthem, you head for Skid Row, right? I’m sorry, that’s not fair. Also Santee Alley. (I know those disembodied butt mannequins when I see them.) Maybe it should feature shots of the neighborhood’s beleaguered denizens outside the various missions on San Pedro, and ghostly apparitions of Snoop and Miley vibing in the reflection of the windows of long-abandoned commercial spaces? And let’s zap it of all color to really capture that post-recession pallor, except for the PTSD-inducing (for those who’ve experienced its joys) orange of the L.A. Metro bus? Maybe Diplo should dreamily commit arson at the end? Yeah! Now that says “feel-good jam of the summer”!

I trust your vision, Miley, and I hope you feel better soon. I respect that you took this opportunity to remind us that there are bigger problems in the world than Liam Hemsworth and January Jones’ love affair (it’s a close call, though). But one small request while you’re still feeling depressed: I’d like at least five more songs inspired by L.A. public transportation.

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