Songs of the Week: Frank Ocean Likes Golden Girls, Beanie Sigel Says Good-bye

Passion Pit, “Constant Conversations”

Hilarious YouTube interaction of the day:

WhatsAnAvailableName: “Better then that stupid song about walking.”
fnormality : “‘Take A Walk’ was not stupid! It made me nod my head & dance.”

By the way, I will now and forever more give my opinion on everything as being “Better than that stupid song about walking.” How was The Dark Knight Rises? “Better than that stupid song about walking.” How was the chorizo in your breakfast burrito? “Better than that stupid song about walking.” How was your walk? “Better than that stupid song about walking.” Etc.

Frank Ocean feat. Tyler, the Creator, “Golden Girls”

Had enough Frank Ocean lately? Of course you haven’t! Here’s an iTunes bonus track from Channel Orange on which Frankie somehow references neither Rose nor Dorothy nor Blanche nor Sophia. And if you’re worried I’ve now put you in the state of mind to check out a song that’s literally about romancing older ladies without being able to deliver, I got you — the Beastie’s B-Side “Boomin’ Granny” should do the trick. “Well you’re a golden girl just like Bea Arthur / now turn off the lights so we can go farther,” lulz. Wait, where were we?

Dan Deacon, “True Thrush”

I went to a Dan Deacon show once and he couldn’t get his equipment to work, and he dealt with it by making everyone in the room chant stuff like “My dog is lost in the mist, would you please help me find him?” I was pissed off about it at the time, but five years later I still remember it, so that’s something. Anyway, this song has real instruments in it.

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, “Only in My Dreams”

The narrative with Ariel Pink is that he went from “lo-fi home recording savant” to “indie-pop don” with 2010’s Before Today and its Pitchfork smash “Round and Round.” Now he’s back with another one, Mature Themes, and, logically, it should find Pink being even more non-inaccessible. But while this new single, “Only in My Dreams,” is certainly catchy, it features neither Flo Rida nor Skrillex nor production work by Dr. Luke.

Tame Impala, “Apocalypse Dreams”

Yes, another track with the word “dream” in the title. If you’re one of those people who don’t have A.C. in their bedroom, and therefore you haven’t been sleeping this summer so much as laying on your bed and staring at the cracks in your ceiling until the sun comes up, you might have a hard time relating to these last two.

Cloud Nothings, “Stay Useless”

Dylan Baldi, the front man for Cloud Nothings, used to look like he was employed at a mall pretzel stand. Now he’s got a scraggly beard and weird hair? Rock and roll, man. Rock and roll.

Kendrick Lamar feat. Best Coast, “No Make Up (Her Vice)”

And you thought it was weird when Kendrick Lamar was rapping with Maybach Music Group.

Bloc Party, “Octopus”

I get that nobody spends money on music videos anymore, but I wish that would lead to more, not less, innovation in the form. I mean, the expectations are lowered, experimentation is encouraged, and if you make a dumb video it won’t really matter much anyway. You’ve got $75 and a video camera, bands of the world. Show me something weird.

Vampire Weekend, untitled new song

I don’t have anything to add, so here are some pupppieeeeeees.

State Property, “Roc the Mic”

The last time anyone was paying attention to Beans was during his atrocious, embarrassing beef with Jay-Z, the guy who gave him a career to begin with. Now Sigel Sigel’s back in the news, because he’s going to jail for two years for tax evasion. Sad times, and so let’s head into the weekend remembering one thing: The dude may not always have had a ton of common sense, but the dude did always have bars.

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