Russell Crowe to Build Ark

After Christian Bale and Michael Fassbender passed on Christian Bale’s Noah movie, it’s Russell Crowe’s turn to theoretically survive a world population-ending flood. Deadline reports: “Darren Aronofsky is ready to set sail on Noah, the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark. I’m hearing that the Black Swan director wants Russell Crowe to play the title role in the New Regency/Paramount film. I can’t tell you that this is all going to lead to a deal but signs are pointing that way. I have also heard Aronofsky wants The Grey star Liam Neeson for another role.” OK — so Crowe is Noah, and that makes sense, even if Bale and Fassbender were tantalizing possibilities. Despite whichever way you feel about his off-set phone-throwing activities and general surly demeanor, the guy is still an attention-demanding presence on-screen and should have no problem pretending to convince a bunch of animals to get on a boat. But wait: Liam Neeson is some other character? Who? He could play Noah’s wife? Or one of the pair of giraffes? Or a guy that is really into killing wolves, and Crowe protects them because he needs two of each kind? Or, actually realistically, he could play the voice of God. Liam Neeson = God? Sounds about right.

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