Katy Perry’s Prism Is Streaming; Don’t Lie, You Care

Capitol Katy Perry, 'Prism'

On the most recent Girls in Hoodies podcast, I aloofly declared that I wouldn’t get around to Katy Perry’s new album Prism for “a while.” Life is full of beauty and I have time for only so much, you know? Molly Lambert and Tess Lynch called my bluff, and 36 hours later the conciliatory Edible Arrangements California Popsicle bouquets are already in the mail. I couldn’t resist. As of this writing I’m eight deep in the 16 musical confections (13 + three bonus tracks) Ms. Perry dropped on us this morning via SoundCloud — #NP: “International Smile,” which is basically a more well-traveled “California Gurls” with a Vocaloid breakdown. It is not the worst. I have also begrudgingly given into the Juicy J–assisted “Dark Horse” and the drunk Kids Bop party jam “This Is How We Do.” (Sample lyrics: “Now we talking astrology, getting our nails did all Japanese-y,” I mean … probably? But also … no no no no no.) Katy’s still doing a lot of spiritual rebuilding on this album, as is her wont; there are a few tracks that are more or less “Roar” or “Firework” run through Thesaurus.com, but that’s not really a failure; that’s just staying on message. Anyway, the embed is after the jump. You’ve already heard the opening song, so I suggest diving right into the deep end with Track 3. Happy birthday …

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