Justin Bieber Inspires Olympic Glory, Gets Beaten Up For Love in New Video

On Tuesday night, USA gymnast Jordyn Wieber revealed her true motivation for sustaining the years of grueling training, social isolation, bodily harm, mental anguish, and crushing anxiety that it takes to become a world class Olympic athlete. Hours after achieving her ultimate goal by triumphing in team gymnastics, Wieber Tweeted: “Now that we are OLYMPIC champions… Can we please meet @justinbieber??” Wieber has long hinted at her ulterior motive, telling NBC in May that while she’s “not sure what it’s going to take to meet Justin Bieber … an Olympic all-around title would definitely help.” Ah, of course. Standing on top of that podium, clutching that gold, representing your country and making it so, so proud — all sweet and fulfilling moments, to be sure. But, it turns out, there is truly no greater motivation for accomplishing an insanely difficult feat — a feat so rarefied only a handful of people throughout the course of history will ever experience its glory — than the possibility that achieving it will let you maybe meet Justin Bieber.

JB wasn’t quick to promise a face-to-face, although he did Tweet back “CONGRATS to” the Olympic team “on your GOLD MEDAL. #BeliebersWinGOLD #Proud.” #BeliebersWinGOLD. So they can maybe meet Justin Bieber. Makes sense to me.

And while we’re on the topic of Bieber — feast your eyes on his new video above. While the clip for current smash “Boyfriend” kept things light and fizzy, the visuals for “As Long As You Love Me” commences the long anticipated new era of “mature” Justin on film. See, he’s a rebel, and he’s fighting for his love, even though his love’s dad Michael Madsen tells him to scram or bad things will happen. The casting of Madsen is a no-brainer, as the guy has been playing some version of grimacing tough in roughly ten B-movies a year over the last decade (check out this IMDB rollcall: Terrible Angels, Amazing Racer, A Cold Day In Hell, Loosies, Piranhaconda, The Killing Jar, Corruption.Gov … ) Here, nobody shoots anyone in the chest with a load of rock salt a la Kill Bill 2, but seeing rebel Bieber and mean old Madsen square off is pretty epic nonetheless. As far as I can tell, there’s no credited screenwriter for this dialogue; I just hope, years from now, we find out Aaron Sorkin was brought in on the low.

Two more things: Big Sean wraps up his guest verse with “I know we got issues baby, true true true / but I’d rather work on this with you / than go ahead and start with someone new,” and that is one incongruously sobering, adult sentiment. Also, check out Bieber’s crying face at 5:01, and then try your best to get that image out of your head for the rest of the afternoon.

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