Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Mad Men, Game of Thrones, the Upfronts, and Vampire Weekend

Game of ThronesUp from the 36 Chambers, it’s your favorite Jamie Lannister fan-pod! Better late than never, am I right? Just as well that the Hollywood Prospectus podcast comes a couple days late this week. It allowed Andy and I to fully form some opinions about television shows that barely exist and that we haven’t seen. That’s right, it’s upfronts season. Greenwald and I kicked the tires on all the prospective shows and imagine some that might have been.

We move on to regularly scheduled programming, tackling the rather bawdy television from Sunday night. We discussed the rising stock of Bob Benson, and the growing neurosis of Pete Campbell on Mad Men, and then chatted about how one might structure Game of Thrones differently, if one had 15 or 20 episodes to play with, rather than 10.

We wrapped up this week’s ep by showering praise upon Vampire Weekend’s new Modern Vampires of the City, and trying to figure out Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. In the end, we just wish we were back in our parents’ cars, listening to Billy Joel. See you in the bear pit, kids.

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