In Which Bob Stoops Forgets It Is Not Called Feelingsball

Christian Petersen/Getty Images Bob Stoops

“It isn’t right that they can just do what they want to do,” Stoops said. “It isn’t good. I don’t believe in it.”

Is Bob Stoops speaking to David Ubben here regarding:

A. Mobile phone customers wanting to break their contracts with AT&T in search of better deals? (Hello?)

B. College football players wanting to transfer to another school in search of more playing time or a better personality fit?

C. Assistant coaches abandoning teams for better jobs immediately following National Signing Day without informing the players they’ve just finished recruiting?


D. What Texas A&M did to his Sooners in the Cotton Bowl?

ANSWER: B, for “Bob Stoops is living out the spiritual journey of Eat Pray Love without ever having read the book or doing any of the fun pasta parts.” Man has got some FEELINGS right now, you guys, and he is feeling them right out loud.

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