Choose Your MAC Allegiance, U-Pick Edition

Rob Carr/Getty Images Military Bowl

Are you a farmers market shopper, gentle reader? Do you prefer to sniff your peaches before purchase? Would you like to knock out your summer homework with a field trip? The MAC is here to help you select your 2013 tertiary allegiance from right up close.* Fill out this here form and go hang out in Detroit with the likes of Frank Solich for a day. Suggested topics of conversation:

(*Maybe don’t smell them until you know them a little better.)

• Is there some talismanic significance to holding MAC Media Day on a Tuesday?
• If this conference really is the cradle of coaches, who here is closest to hatching into a power conference?
• What can we as a people do to ensure the continuation of pizza-themed bowl games for the enjoyment of our children and our children’s children?
• What is skydiving with Ron English really like?
Is Dave Meyer OK? Are we sure? Is he here? Can we tackle him?

See you at Ford Field. We’ll be the ones in the county fair–airbrushed Dan LeFevour tribute T-shirts.

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