What’d We Miss at Coachella’s Second Weekend?

After tagteaming Coachella’s first weekend, we here at Grantland managed, for the first time ever, to fight off our FOMO, and left the fest’s second weekend all alone. We didn’t miss much: The lineup from the first weekend was repeated in full down to Hologram Tupac, who was once again called up from the dark nothingness in which he resides. (Despite the insane level of scrutiny Hologram Tupac was facing this week, after that remarkable debut, his performance went off without a hitch. True professional.) But over a long three days, a few new wrinkles did appear. Here are four of them!

1. Frank Ocean switched up his set list and dropped a new track called “Forrest Gump.” Also, this weekend’s Frank Ocean set was, at least according to Frank Ocean, the superior Frank Ocean set: “IT WOULD BE THE WEEK THINGS GO WELL THAT THEY DONT STREAM. HAHAHA.” [Via Stereogum]

2. If you wanted to watch Katy Perry make out with a dude, you apparently had a pretty good shot at it. Reports BlackBook, “There’s no denying that the buzziest of buzz sightings was Katy Perry frolicking from show to show, hand in hand with her new fling (and Ryan Gosling doppelgänger), Robert Ackroyd. The pop star and Florence + the Machine guitarist were heavy on the PDA, proving that Perry has very much moved on from both her former husband Russell Brand and her Chanel boy toy from Paris Fashion Week, model Baptiste Giabiconi.” And somewhere, a weary Katy Perry is politely and rhetorically asking “Can I live?”

3. It was insanely hot. One of the Hollywood Reporter’s highlights was “Any time the temperature dipped under 90 degrees.” Gotta admit, feeling pretty psyched right now about getting to wear a fleece last weekend.

4. Unlike last weekend, when the doors were wide open, everyone knew Hologram Tupac was coming, and then most people knew Hologram Tupac was immediately leaving. Backstage, Dr. Dre debunked imminent Hologram Tupac tour rumors, saying: “It was strictly for Coachella. Get it right. I want to get rid of all the rumors out there. This was not done for a tour. If a tour happens, we’ll see. This was done strictly for Coachella 2012. Just for you.” Just for us! Thanks, Andre.

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