Watch Billy Eichner and Lindsay Lohan Smash a Car With Sledgehammers

Forget about that Oprah nonsense: The only person who should be handling Lindsay Lohan’s (totally futile, eight-years-too-late) image rehabilitation campaign is Billy “On the Street”��Eichner. Is Oprah going to convince her to sledgehammer a car festooned with the How I Met Your Mother gang’s faces, then send a check to Mayim Bialik out of spite? Of course not. She’d probably just buy Mayim Bialik a spite-car, then get all up in Lindsay’s face to self-righteously tell her that her car-smashing technique is bullshit. Billy knows what he’s doing. Trust in Billy. He’ll make sure Lindsay doesn’t walk off with that giant $500 check. She needs to respect herself, not embarrass herself trying to redeem it at the nearest novelty-check-cashing place. She worked with fucking Lily Tomlin. Billy knows that. Billy cares.

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