Vin Diesel Sings, Dances, Redefines ‘Stay With Me’ for All Time

Vin Diesel can sing. That’s a known-known after his Valentine’s Day karaoke-basement transformation of Rihanna’s “Stay” into a torch song crooned by a stone giant who’s had his fragile heart smashed into a million tiny pieces of shale. The rumbling of his lovesickness still reverberates through our very bones. We’ll always feel that ache.

We also know that Vin Diesel can dance. That’s a place we’ve visited before and remember fondly.

So while the promise of a new video in which Vin Diesel sings and dances is still thrilling on its own, it no longer stings us with the surprise of discovery. We know he’s a consummate entertainer. We know that if you put a microphone in his hand and a camera in front of him, he will summon forth at least a touch of magic.

You should really go see him as the talking tree in that movie this weekend, by the way. No one wrings more from three words than the Diez. You almost wish he’d sing them. Then again: He already has, in his own way.

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