Haim, A$AP Ferg, and a Whole Bunch of Celebrity Guests Have a Few Things to Get Off Their Chest

The sistren Haim takes the A$AP Ferg–assisted remix of its cheating scandal sulk “My Song 5” to its logical home: a Jerry Springer–esque talk show! And in addition to Ferg, there are also more celebrity cameos than you can make a bass face at. Claire “Grimes” Boucher? Check. Kesha? Check. Artemis “Artemis from Sunny” Pebdani? Check. Ezra Koenig? Check. Koenig wears sunglasses throughout, presumably to hide his shame that the ladies outdid Vampire Weekend’s “Diane Young” video in the “look at all our cool friends” department.

But the real innovation here is Ferg’s verse, which he delivers to his girlfriend and her new girlfriend as a means of conflict resolution/reconciliation while the audience oohs and aahs. Has no one else ever thought to stage a rap verse on a talk show set? Why isn’t someone using this set for their live show? Can we get Vanessa Bayer on every date of A$AP Mob’s next tour? Thanks in advance.

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