Songs of the Week: What to Listen to When You’re Not Listening to New Beyonce

The Pizza Underground

Things have been lining up real nice for the Pizza Underground these past few days: In something of a quiet week for pop music, the mere existence of a Macaulay Culkin–featuring, pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band should have been more than enough to win the Internet. Then Beyoncé went ahead and dropped a secret new album, and our craniums were suddenly filled with much more important synaptic processing. But it is kind of nice to know that, once we’re done freaking out about Ms. Carter’s new joints, “I’m Beginning to Eat the Slice” and “All the Pizza Parties” and “Cheese Days” will be there waiting for us.

Timbaland ft. Jay Z, Drake, and James Fauntleroy, “Know Bout Me”

You should read the whole thing but, for now, just a little taste of New York magazine’s piece on Timbaland’s musical comeback, just to tide you over: “People have changed. Take yourself … Like, your whole swagger is not like the typical white girl from back in the day. Go back and watch old interviews from another white woman, and you’ll be like, ‘Oh, God.’ The enunciation of words, the way they sat. It was all so much more sterile. Now, it’s more like, Yo, let me sit with you and talk. And the attraction level in this world today, I’m not attracted to just the same race no more. It’s like, Let me get into this white girl, or Let me date this Indian girl or this Puerto Rican girl. So many beautiful women, you can look past it. And like, your chemistry mixes better. Some countries you go to and people still, like, smell. But that doesn’t happen so much anymore. Now you come home with me, my body odor matches your body odor, and you’ll be like, ‘Wow, you smell so good.’ They used to say white people smelled like wet dog. I haven’t smelled that in about twenty years.” (Nodding.)

Burial, Rival Dealer

Mysterious haute-dubstep king Burial has just released a new EP, Rival Dealer, and it’s available in full, for you, right now. People who clean up crime scenes for a living: Got some new tunes here for you to bump!

Chase N. Cashe, “Cashe Rules”

Here’s another new producer EP, available in full, but this one from Chase, the beatsmith behind such notables as Drake’s “Look What You’ve Done” and Lil Wayne’s “Drop the World” (a.k.a. the only listenable song on Rebirth). People who clean up crime scenes for a living: Maybe listen to this one after work, on the drive home, while reminiscing on the byzantine, almost impenetrable chain of life choices that have led you here, to this place, where you clean up crime scenes for a living.

London Grammar, “Wrecking Ball”

Whoa: The chick from London Grammar dated Liam Hemsworth, too?!

Flying Lotus, Ideas + drafts + loops

Explained FlyLo, on Twitter: “About to be 300k today probably. Zip file coming right up … Hey u guys are gonna share this folder right? Pls pass it around. Pass to the homies. Rt the hell out of it … Lots of stuff n this folder. Some u knw. Some u don’t … Ideas+drafts+loops” And, for the grand finale: this here MediaFire link, for a folder stuffed full with a whole bunch of delightful outtakes. Worth the price of admission alone for reminding me of Viktor Vaughn’s verse on Captain Murphy’s “Between Villains”: “A glutton for bludgeoning and blood gushing / here ya go, stud muffin.”

Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip, “Butch and Sundance”

SPOILER ALERT: At the end of this track, Bussa Buss and the Abstract get blazed down in a hail of bullets fired by the Bolivian army.

Lydia Loveless, “To Love Somebody”

“What’s it mean to love somebody?,” Lydia kicks off this track by asking, then immediately tones it down — “Or at least hope they’ll be around?” And in the process, Miss Loveless nails it: What, really, is the difference between loving someone and just wanting to play a bunch of FIFA with them?

Nina Sky, “Overtime”

Twin Queens sisters Nicole and Natalie Albino broke out in 2004 with “Move Ya Body,” the most palatable slice of pop-reggaeton this side of Kingston, then burbled back into our collective consciousnesses with Major Lazer’s 2009 smooth heater “Keep It Goin’ Louder.” Now they’re back again, with this new one-off single. What have they been doing in all that down time in between? Probably completing a giant five-mast schooner jigsaw puzzle.

Mark Kozelek, “O Come All Ye Faithful

Kozelek, the restless paragon of raw American folk behind Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon (he also moonlights as the barbecue-loving bassist in Stillwater), is dropping a holiday album, Mark Kozelek Sings Christmas Carols, but not till next year. Thankfully, though, he’s been kind enough to go ahead and break us off his haunting, aching take on “O Come All Ye Faithful.” It’s the perfect soundtrack for your super-depressing holiday season!

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