Songs of the Week: Meek Mill’s Got Fancy Drapes, A$AP Rocky’s Got Puns

A$AP Rocky featuring Drake, Kendrick Lamar & 2 Chainz, “Fuckin Problem”

Yesterday, with minimal advance warning (“NEW SHIT IN 5 MINUTES“), the first single from Rocky’s upcoming major-label debut, LongLiveASAP, was sprung. And while not everyone was a fan, at least not right away — Tyler the Creator tweeted “So Funny When Someone Releases A new Song With The Same 4 People That We Expected To Be On It With The Same Shitty ‘Trap’ Beat Hahaha,” and I don’t think he meant those “ha”s genuinely — this thing’s got major radio potential. Of course, there are some built-in encumbrances to that end: When you do hear it on the radio, it’ll sound like everyone’s taking an awkwardly long breath before saying “problem.”


Devin, “Nineteen”

Fantastic tune, fantastic fake-karaoke fan-stalker video. As important, though: This clip finally, bravely brings to light the dastardly scourge of bananas that straight fall out their peels as you’re walking down the street eating them.


Pig Destroyer, “Baltimore Strangler”

When not writing songs about serial killers from the distressed Mid-Atlantic region or screaming their lungs out, the gentlemen of Pig Destroyer like to relax at home with cups of chamomile and impassioned games of Stratego.


Meek Mill featuring Nas, John Legend, & Rick Ross, “Maybach Curtains”

I had been unaware that, due to poor sales, German automobile manufacturer Daimler AG had decided to cease production on their ultra-luxury Maybach line. What I didn’t know is that they then moved Maybach into [HERE COMES THE ZING] home décor.


DJ Paul featuring Busta Rhymes & DJ Kay Slay, “I Can’t Take It” (Remix)

With Juicy J currently crushing a solo run, there’s no reason why DJ Paul, the other half of Three 6 Mafia, shouldn’t try to get some independent shine, too. And if this whole Three 6 fragmentation process means late-breaking recognition for the work of Crunchy Black and Gangsta Boo, well, you won’t hear me complaining about it.


Wu-Tang Clan featuring Kool G Rap, “Rivers of Blood”

It’s not a coincidence that, in the same week, we get RZA talking about Wu-Tang comebacks and an actual new song credited to Wu-Tang: It’s Man With the Iron Fists promo season, and all manner of Clan detritus will be coming our way. In fact, “Rivers of Blood” is from the Iron Fists soundtrack, and features U-God providing some narration in the guise of RZA’s character from the flick. It also features Ghostface threatening to “watch your body rot till the bone structure” and to “scrape out your brain” and to “watch ya eye balls rupture” and to choke “n—– out for no reason.” So, yep, it’s been a pretty great seven days for the Wu!


Girls Aloud, “Something New”

Amazingly, ousted X Factor judge Cheryl Cole’s comeback single with her crew Girls Aloud is not called “F U Simon Cowell.”


Lil Reese featuring Chief Keef, “Traffic”

The teenaged Chicago rapper Chief Keef might join Travis Morrison in the pantheon of musicians whose careers Pitchfork has singlehandedly derailed, according to Chicago-area prosecutors Wednesday” — great lede, or greatest lede?


Cold Cave, “Tristan Corbière”

Wes Eisold has one remarkably odd music industry narrative to his name. He fronted Boston hardcore legends American Nightmare in the ’90s, then made a bunch of lawsuit money when Fall Out Boy ganked his lyrics, and now, as Cold Cave, he churns out critic-approved, late-night-vibe steely electropop. Kids, remember, you can be anything you want!


Haim, “Don’t Save Me”

This is a cool song, but I don’t really have anything to add. So, uh, what’s up with you? Doing anything fun this weekend? Just gonna take it easy? Eat some gelato and catch up on Homeland? Word, that sounds rad.

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