Songs of the Week: Adele Does Some Work for MI6, The Orwells Get Into the Holiday Spirit

Adele, “Skyfall”

Grantland’s DIVAWATCHologist Jay Kang writes, “There’s a level of Divadom where the public stops seeking out contrarian profiles or “shocking” revelations about your character. As long as you don’t say something horrifically bigoted, everyone will still line up to buy your albums. (Only R. Kelly Status is higher.)” Good news: This new Bond theme from Adele contains not one bit of racism.

The Orwells, “Halloween All Year Long”

Polite teenagers from Illinois grow out their hair, make funny faces, rock suits, write anachronistic ’90s alt-rock gems, and come up with the best idea of all time. Seriously, Halloween is my second-favorite holiday ever, right after Arbor Day.

Sean Price, “STFU Part Two”

Brownsville’s finest — Sean P, a.k.a. “the fuckin’ opposite of a Duran Duran song,” a.k.a. “the best rapper alive” — would like to firmly and calmly request that you shut the fuck up.

Bloc Party, “Kettling”

Previously, in this very space, I called out Bloc Party for not bringing the proverbial hot sauce on the video for their comeback single “Octopus.” Well, the Brits have now let go a new one, and it features children playing a vicious fame of Red Rover. In related news, I was a goddamn phenom at Red Rover.

AraabMuzik, “Runaway Bass”

Another monster jam from AraabMuzik once again reminds us that dubstep is infinitely more palatable when it comes from a dude who used to make beats for Dipset.

Bruiser Brigade, Pitchfork Selector freestyle

Danny Brown puts his dudes on for Pitchfork, explaining that the reason his crew is different from other crews is that these guys really run trains on girls together. Then a skinny guy named Zelooperz flows like if he ever, ever stops rapping the guy holding a gun to his pet Chihuahua will drop the hammer.

Blue Sky Black Death and Nacho Picasso, “Kicking Out the Window”

Kicking out the windows — high on cocaine. Who can’t get down with that? Also, Nacho boasts of “peel[ing] out like a kumquat,” and that reminds me of a fun (?) anecdote: During one of my college admission interviews, the guy doing the interview started reading off the list of questions he wasn’t supposed to ask, like as a way to break the ice. When he got to “What kind of fruit would you be?” we both laughed heartily. Then I blurted out, “A kumquat!” and he stopped laughing. I, uh, didn’t get into that school.

Sky Ferreira, “Everything Is Embarrassing”

In which Miss Ferreira does everything in her power to pout her way into your heart.

Deftones, “Tempest”

There were about five minutes there, right after White Pony came out, when Deftones were given the artsy high-brow considerations they deserve. Then I don’t know what happened … that faded away, and the crew went back to being lumped in among all manner of unseemly nu-metal stuff. But don’t let that dissuade you, America — wear your Deftones fanship proudly, like an interesting hat. History will justify you.

Solange, “Losing You”

Still no plans for this weekend? How about catching a flight to Cape Town, then bopping around in interestingly colorful clothes? Oh, yes, that is what you’re going to do? And you have to go now because you need to concentrate on filling out the credit card form info? OK, rad, have fun — talk to you Monday.

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