Revolution, Episode 111, the One-Image Recap: Helicopters and Rocket Launchers!

NBC Revolution

When we last left our ragtag gang of scrappy, sometimes-electricity-free Revolutionaries, lo these many hiatus-months ago, the helicopters were coming. And now they have arrived. “But hey,” you might ask, “don’t helicopters need power to whirlybird it up and stay in the sky? And isn’t this a show about a world without power?”

To which we would respond, “Don’t be stupid. They have magical bullshit necklaces that bring back the power, but only in a very limited range, unless they have a necklace amplifier, in which case the range is sufficient to fly helicopters,” and then we would excuse ourselves to the bathroom to vomit for a little while, because remembering all of this makes our brains sick.

Oh, and the necklaces can also power rocket launchers, should anyone be inclined to shoot down a helicopter, like so:

Bonus Image!

Unfortunately, the helicopters also have machine guns in them, which are capable of blowing large holes in the midsection of any rocket launcher–wielding enemies with nice hair.

R.I.P., Danny. They spent half a season trying to find you and free you from captivity, and now you are dead. We hope there are crossbows in the afterlife; things were much happier when everybody was just using crossbows and minding their own business.

What’s that? Fine, you can have a Discman. Knock yourself out.

Next week: Who knows? Tanks and laser guns? Anything’s possible in a world with magic necklaces.

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