Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and American Novelist Meek Mill

Game of ThronesWinter is coming! But, you know, not for another week. So while our hearts yearn for Westeros, Chris and I are stuck in rural Georgia with the rest of the Mensa candidates fighting zombies on The Walking Dead (8:25). It was interesting to hear how Chris, normally a defender of all things violent and brainless, has turned on the stumbling biters. I’d give him a thumbs-up, but the Governor just bit mine clean off. Besides, I was too busy crying my emo eyes out over the dissolution of My Chemical Romance (21:30), one of the best rock bands of the last decade. It’s tough out there for any band, but particularly so one as ambitious as MCR, a group never afraid to play make-believe or with makeup.

From there, we did begin what’s sure to be an epic few months of Game of Thrones  talk — but never fear, there were no spoilers about Sunday’s Season 3 premiere (34:20). Instead, Chris got me talking about how all our favorite kingslayers look IRL. (Forgive me, Jon Snow! Call me, Ygritte!) Next, we chatted about the latest iteration in the Jay Leno soap opera (40:25) and whether anyone actually cares about talk shows anymore. We ended where we probably should have begun: with a discussion on Meek Mill, Great American Novelist. Is Tony Story loosely based on my friendship with Chris? (Maybe?) Is it the most haunting evocation of postwar malaise since Sabbath’s Theater? (Yes?) Will we keep talking about it until the author himself appears on the podcast? (Indubitably.)

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