Revolution Episode 108, ‘Ties That Bind’: The One-Image Recap

NBC Revolution

Is it time for us to let the whole “bullshit magical amulet” thing go and accept that this is a show about the desire to possess the world’s greatest costume jewelry, and not one about the struggle of a dying civilization in a truly post-electrical world? One can only rage against the rusting, dormant machine for so long, and we’ve been banging our heads against its vine-covered sides for weeks now. Maybe it is, as they say, annoyingly, what it is.

(And “what it is” is a Lost knockoff with inferior actors, no central mystery worth caring about, and some crossbows. Some weeks there aren’t even any crossbows! We keep coming back for the crossbows. We were never very good at that game where you touch a hot stove over and over again to learn not to touch the hot stove anymore.)

Bonus Images!

Sweet Baby Jesus, Not Another Sibling in Peril to Rescue

Oh, here are the titular “ties that bind.” They’re holding up Nora’s sister (yes, we know, she’s also a “tie that binds”), because God forbid we go an hour on this show without a mission to save somebody’s family member. Pssst, she’s gonna betray you. Not worth it. Just keep looking for Danny, maybe you’ll find him by the end of Season 2. (But maybe not, if the ratings keep going down.)

Looks Like We’re Not Getting Across the River

Dead coyote.

Check Out This Dirty SUV With Some Plants Growing on It

There is no car-detailing service in a world without power.


Well, face-sex. They don’t have time for the full-body version, they’ve got to go rescue somebody’s effing cousin next week probably.

Oh Hey, More Electricity

Come on! That computer map uses so much electricity! How many bullshit magical amulets does it take to boot that thing up, like 10?

No Idea What This Is. Missile Silo? Large Hadron Collider?

But it seems very important. They talked about it in hushed tones while ominous background music played.

Crossbow of the Week

You said it, once-murderous redneck crossbow aficionado Daryl from The Walking Dead! Wrong show, but yesss.

Next week: Led Zeppelin! No, really. NBC teased a soundtrack by Led Zeppelin. Robert Plant must be a huge fan of this show, because otherwise that is some very, very expensive music to play behind some rebels with perfect hair chasing after their lost necklace.

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