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Sports Illustrated/Victoria’s Secret model Marisa Miller will make her feature film debut in R.I.P.D.. The movie stars Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds as two dead cops who work in the “Rest in Peace Department,” where they monitor ghosts who refuse to move on. Miller plays Bridge’s human form, what people see when he’s on Earth. And never again will more 12-year-old boys leave a movie theater saying, “I want to see Jeff Bridge’s character naked.” Grade: C- [HR]

Diane Keaton’s HBO series Tilda — which was loosely based on the life of Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke — did not make it to the air, but the network still wants to make it work with Diane, so they’ve signed her to a holding deal. Until a show of hers is picked up, though, Keaton will earn her keep by working as a PA on Hung. Grade: A [Variety]

Former Boy Meets World’er Ben Savage has landed a guest spot on Bones as a “former shipping store employee” who gets caught up in one of the show’s cases. He and Bones regular John Francis Daley — a.k.a. Sam Weir from Freaks and Geeks — will probably have a lot to talk about. Grade: B [HR]

Prolific Grey’s Anatomy showrunner Shonda Rhimes has sold another show to ABC: Gilded Lillys, an hour-long drama set in 1895 that centers on the owners, staff, and clientele of New York’s first luxury hotel. That hotel? The Ramada Inn in Staten Island. Grade: B- [HR]

Christian Slater’s security-expert comedy Breaking In was canceled after seven episodes — but now it’s back from the dead! Fox picked it up for a 13-episode run, partially as a way to lure its creator, Adam F. Goldberg, to sign with the network for his new, semi-autobiographical, ’80s-upbringing comedy. Incredible. Grade: C [HR]

Alexander Skarsgard will play an ex-marine seeking an extramarital relationship in Henry Alex Rubin’s (Murderball) Disconnected, an ensemble drama about people whose lives are — uh-oh — negatively affected by the Internet. Ahh, you’re reading this on the Internet right now! Grade: C [Variety]

Rob Corddry is in talks for zombie movie Warm Bodies. The flick stars Nicholas Hoult as a zombie with a conscience trying to protect a human, played by Teresa Palmer; Corddry would play Hoult’s fellow-zombie pal. Grade: B+ [Variety]

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