New Taken 2 Trailer: Liam Neeson Now Expanding Target Range Beyond Albanian Sex Traffickers

This new clip for Taken 2 doesn’t offer anything we don’t already know about the sequel — gloriously, and with a righteous lack of shame, the powers that be (Olivier Megaton has stepped in for Pierre Morel in the director’s chair, but Luc Besson is still executive producing and co-writing) have gone and made the exact same movie again. Good. Great. As it should be. Much more important is the little bit before the clip starts, when our dude Liam Neeson looks straight into the camera and threatens to kidnap and torture us all if we don’t keep watching. He’s already spoofing himself! The second movie hasn’t even come out yet, and he’s already spoofing himself! No one is having more fun doing anything right now than Liam Neeson is as he’s getting taken and saving people from getting taken.

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