‘Jem and the Holograms’ Cartoon Becoming a Live-Action Movie Thanks to Justin Bieber’s Manager

Rumor has it that in the 1980s, there existed a popular animated television show called Jem, or Jem and the Holograms. Following a music exec named Jerrica (!) Benton and her glam-rock alias, Jem, the series gave us three seasons of big hair, bigger keytars, and all pink everything.

Now an unholy trinity comprised of director Jon M. Chu (G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Step Up 3D, the Justin Bieber movies), Justin Bieber BFF/sensei Scooter Braun, and Paranormal Activity producer Jason Blum is making a live-action Jem movie. And rather than using Kickstarter or asking for money, these guys are using Tumblr and asking for audition tapes, fuzzy memories of the show, and #gnarlyideas.

A few quick things I want you to know/remember about Jem, courtesy of Rolling Stone:

• Jerrica “transforms into [Jem] with the help of holographic computer Synergy.”

• “She and the Holograms must protect Synergy from evildoers, like rival bands The Misfits — no, not those Misfits — and The Stingers.”

• “The cartoon was originally developed by the same team behind the original G.I. Joe, including Hasbro …”

• And this is the theme song to Jem:

Over at the Jemblr, things are already getting really real really fast, with one person asking, “Is there like a last day to put submit the audition [sic] and is it okay if I’m Mexican?” The Trinity’s response: “Very good question! We need all audition submissions in in THE NEXT TWO WEEKS. We are looking for all genders, ethnicities and ages!” What are you waiting for? You’re totally going to play Jem in a movie, and you’ll probably meet Justin Bieber! Go!

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