J.J. Abrams Opens Mystery Box; New, Weird 'Stranger' Teaser Falls Out

Earlier today, J.J. Abrams’s Bad Robot let loose a “mystery trailer” upon an unsuspecting public just trying to get through its usual Monday slog without being brain-diddled by Hollywood’s favorite secret-hoarder. But now it’s out there and it’s our duty to gather around the flickering EnigmaTube and try to decipher its meaning. It’s called “Stranger,” it’s in an appropriately moody black-and-white, and (INSCRUTABLE ONE-MINUTE VIDEO SPOILER ALERT) there’s a guy at the end with his lips sewn shut. First guess: That’s the dude who leaked that Cumberbatch was playing Khan. Second guess: Jabba the Hutt’s Force Ghost is trying out some experimental weight-loss surgery. (Lookin’ good, J-Hutt!) Third guess: We only get paid to guess twice. It’s the world’s turn now.

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