Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: The Killing, Girls, The Master, and Drake

HBOWith the good Sunday-night shows off the air, it was time for Chris Ryan and me to strap on our galoshes and deal with the bad one: The Killing (1:05) was (mercifully?) killed this past weekend, and I hope you’ll forgive us if we did not speak kindly of the dead. Instead, we spent some time splashing around in the puddles of incoherence that tended to pool around this soggy show and discussing just when the whole world stopped caring about who killed Rosie Larsen. On a happier note, we went back and forth on the generally excellent season finale of Girls (20:55) and the even more exciting new trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master (35:10). After a brief, bottle-tossing detour to discuss Drake’s role in the new 2 Chainz video (41:20) and his allegedly more dangerous involvement in a club brawl with professional villain Chris Brown, we finished with a spirited talk about the latest entrant into the Double Down Book Club, Dennis Lehane (45:10). Like George Pelecanos, Lehane was a staff writer on The Wire and is responsible for novels both fun and punky (A Drink Before the War) and more sweeping and serious (Mystic River). He’s worth a read whether you’re in his native Boston or in Little Boston, drinking milkshakes with Daniel Day-Lewis.

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