Girls in Hoodies Podcast: Grand Theft Auto, The Weeknd, and MasterChef

MasterchefAfter Molly awoke the gamer community dragon this week in her criticism of Grand Theft Auto’s lack of playable female characters, we couldn’t help but continue to poke at the cranky beast on the pod, while also helping out Rockstar with some ideas for fun, violent, female-driven fantasies (Grand Theft Auto: Hooker’s Revenge, anyone?). We check in briefly on Miley Cyrus (who, let’s face it, is our Breaking Bad at this point), and Emily makes an impassioned argument for Adore, Anne Fontaine’s new film about Naomi Watts and Robin Wright doing it with each other’s sons.

Then it’s the freakin’ Weeknd, baby, and we’re about to have us some self-loathing empty sex jam fun. The release this week of Abel Tesfaye’s most recent album, Kiss Land, is another opportunity to dig into his brand of misogynist fantasy, question how much of it is a put-on, and consider how that affects the experience of listening to it. Who hates himself more, Kanye or The Weeknd? Is masculinity a goof? (Masculinity is a goof.) Finally we wrap up with a discussion of Fox’s MasterChef. We discuss what makes the show stronger than the perhaps more highbrow Top Chef, the Gordon Ramsay empire, and the eternally GIF-able Joe Bastianich. Enjoy this week’s amazing, impeccable, stunning podcast.

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