Fox: Ignore All Those Mean Critics, Dads Has the Electrolytes You Crave

If you watched a football game on a Fox network yesterday, chances are you saw this promo between two and 14,000 times, teasing a conflict even more dramatic than Manning vs. Manning. Who are you going to believe, some pasty pointy-heads throwing around judgy words like “offensive” and “morally wrong,” or the rapturous preview audience members who are literally holding in the guts they just laughed right out of their midsections? “Don’t listen to the critics!” says the lady in the YouTube box with a dismissive flourish of her hand, like she’s waving away a swarm of invisible critic-bees trying to sting away her joy. “Reprehensible … this is Fox, baby!” says the guy who really understands branding. When the dust finally settles on this latest skirmish in the Critics vs. Fans war after the announcement of a Season 5 pickup, TCA members will happily borrow one of Seth Green’s invisible katanas and run themselves through. There’s a fatal nobility in admitting you’re wrong.

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Mark Lisanti is an editor at Grantland.

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