Dancing With The Stars Says Goodbye to Ron Artest Metta World Peace

Last night, the artist formerly known as Ron Artest was kicked off Dancing With the Stars in its very first week. It was a strange moment for the show: Athletes tend to do really well on DWTS (according to Wikipedia analysis, they have “a collective success [win or runner-up] rate of 36 percent”), and the newly christened Metta World Peace was actually the first sportsman to ever say goodbye in the first elimination. (Adding insult to injury: Both Nancy Grace and Rob “Least Famous” Kardashian are still alive). A disappointing development, to be sure, but the unflappable World Peace took it in stride, turning in an exit interview this morning that should be upheld as the standard for all future DWTS exit interviews. There are the little things, like his effusive but genuine-seeming praise for partner Peta Murgatroyd (“I met a good friend, and her mom”) and his fellow contestants (“Ricki Lake! I’m a Ricki Lake groupie”). There are the slightly bigger things, like his winning self-deprecation (“I’m from New York, we just two-step in the club”). And then there’s the fact that he manages, at one point, to segue from talking up his support of cancer research foundations to the imminent release of his 8-year-old daughter’s first single. It’s called “Fight,” it comes out September 27th, and we’re buying it. It’s a shame we had to say goodbye to Ron so soon, but here’s the plus side: The NBA’s never-ending off-season means our dude will have plenty of time for more batshit-crazy self-promotion.

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