Why Does a ‘Hannibal’ Cooking Show Have to Be an April Fools’ Gag? Can Someone Just Make It Real?

April Fools’ is nothing but a menace in real life (ahem), but there’s a small shred of “ha, I see what they did there” joy to be found on the Internet. This year, Hulu gave us fake trailers for In the Kitchen with Hannibal and a Terry Crews–centric Brooklyn Nine-Nine spinoff called The Field, and Netflix cooked up Rotisserie Chicken and potential Emmy winner Sizzling Bacon. Meanwhile, the Flaming Lips realized how fun it is to make fun of the Flaming Lips and Ron Burgundy lost his sense of humor.

[protected-iframe id=”2c9f703d7cfa70256c1a6fffa6c85f59-60203239-57808363″ info=”https://movies.yahoo.com/video/anchorman-2-job-230146902.html?format=embed” width=”540″ height=”304″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

How I Met Your Mother’s series finale drew 13 million viewers, an all-time high.

Hulk and Hawkeye have “very big parts” in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Yeezy season approaching: Kanye canceled a string of Australian tour dates, reportedly so he could finish his next album.

Here’s that Jurassic Park remake you asked for. The one where the CGI is replaced with cardboard cutouts? Came out great. [via]

Hoooo, boy: True Detective and The Hardy Boys done got mashed up. I’m particularly fond of The Secret at Cohle’s Storage Facility. [via]

Billy Dee had to leave Dancing With the Stars, guys. :(

This is the cast of The Lion King bursting into song on a plane. [via]

Breaking Bad’s original score is available on vinyl.

Stereogum made a nice little Justin Vernon family tree.

AOL is making an Internet TV series now, too.

Jack White announced Lazaretto, his second solo LP, and shared a crushing new instrumental track, “High Ball Stepper.”

And Girl Talk produced a real, non-mashup hip-hop track. [via]


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