Cruise’s New Edge of Tomorrow Trailer: Play It Again, Tom

Here’s Tom Cruise, saving the world from an alien invasion again. Here’s Tom Cruise, running away from a fireball again, though this time he’s purposefully encumbered himself with a clunky, Elysium-style battle-exoskeleton to increase the degree of difficulty of his explosion-avoidance and to keep his legendary running form sharp. Here’s Tom Cruise, riding a motorcycle again, because it’s in his contract — he didn’t spend untold years mastering Pick-a-Point out on the salt flats with Lancaster Dodd to not show off his riding skills at every opportunity. Here’s Tom Cruise, reliving the same fateful day again and again, hoping to learn enough from his mistakes to finally ignite some chemistry with his romantic interest and break the cycle of doomed immortality, because it worked for Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell. Here’s Tom Cruise, trying to win back the summer blockbuster crown again.

Yes, we’ve seen it all before. And yet we’ll probably show up to watch it again, because this time they gave the groundhogs spaceships. See you in June.

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