Aaron Paul Drives Angry, Does Not Say 'Bitch' Once in the Need for Speed Trailer

Aaron Paul’s post–Jesse Pinkman era is nearly upon us, and here’s a taste of what’s in store: fast cars and very serious voice-overs. Need for Speed is an adaptation of the driving game of the same name, and appears to be trying to live in that sweet spot between the Fast & Furious movies and Drive. Aside from there being as much dialogue in this trailer as in all of the latter, all this makes me think is that post–Breaking Bad Paul could do very well as a troubled-girl’s Ryan Gosling. From now on, all he needs to do is save a kid, get his face messed up a little, and weep himself hoarse as all that he loves and makes him human is taken away from him, and it’ll be like Jesse never left us.

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