Afternoon Links: If Bill Hader and Michael Cera Did Behind the Music

There is an indie act called Islands; they just put out an album Pitchfork finds kind of OK. Commemorating the occasion, though, is an improv-heavy YouTube clip about Islands’ dubious rock-and-roll legend status. Michael Cera says things like, “They’re all basically conductors, electrical conductors, and sometimes you can’t even give those guys a high five without getting a little zap.” Bill Hader, in top Bill Hader form, comes up with material like, “You’ve got a guy with a voice, who’s saying lyrics, out to you.” Alia Shawkat and Joe Lo Truglio also jump in, to delightful effect. Still haven’t listened to Islands, but if Ski Mask is half as funny as this clip, I’m giving it a spin.

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