7 Possible Reasons Why This Unacceptably Insane Norwegian Fox-Centric Music Video Exists

  • Covert millenial outreach program funded by acoustic instrument manufacturers.
  • Covert pre-K outreach program funded by international hallucinogen market.
  • Covert anti-novelty-song outreach program funded by ME.
  • Scandinavian answer to the Bluth chicken problem.
  • Cool way to convince your roommate who is considering spending a year in Norway “y’know, ’cause Scandinavians are just so cool and centered and their pop music is so innovative” to stay home and keep paying their rent.
  • Covert campaign to push YouTube user Adele Brand’s video “Red Fox Sounds” over the 1 million mark (seriously you guys, you could have skipped the whole songwriting/videomaking process and just Googled this).
  • Cool way to quickly detect the kind of people who will share this on social media platforms and weed them out of your life forever. (Bye.)

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