Other Humiliating Things The Jets Can Make Tim Tebow Do That He Will Call ‘Fun’

Tim TebowThis week, Tim Tebow practiced with the New York Jets special teams. He worked as the “up” back, or personal protector. When it asked how it felt to be working with the punt team, Tebow said, “It’s definitely something I’m trying to get used to,” he said. “It’s unique, but it’s fun. (I’m) having a good time out there.” This means Rex Ryan is going to have to come up with some more humiliating stuff for the former Heisman winner to do, solely to see if Tebow insists it’s fun. Other jobs for Tim Tebow:

Hold Tony Sparano’s bag while he tries on shades at the Sunglass Hut in Lawrenceville, New Jersey; Allow Kyle Wilson to practice the Japanese Backpack on him; Eat Spaghetti Carbonara in front of Rex Ryan and describe how it makes him feel; Hand-wash Wayne Hunter’s delicates; Go to wine tastings with Nick Mangold and pretend to know about tannins and oak flavors; Believe in Mark Sanchez; Babysit for Antonio Cromartie.

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