Two-Part B.S. Report: Bill Barnwell and Joe House

Elton BrandHas it really been six days since the last B.S. Report? Even Andrew Bynum doesn’t mail it in that egregiously. We tried to make up for it with a special two-parter — in Part 1, Grantland’s Bill Barnwell came on to discuss the NFL’s over-unders for win totals (just released by Vegas this week), prompting lively discussions with me, Barnwell and co-host Dave Jacoby about things like: “Aren’t the 2012 Saints screwed? Why would anyone bet the over for them?” and “Is 9 and a half the over-under for Denver’s win totals or the number of games Peyton Manning will play this season?” We also got Barnwell to admit that he hibernates like a bear during football’s offseason, and that he’s been asleep for the past three weeks.

Then, in Part 2, my buddy House joined us to discuss the unwatchable Celts-Sixers series, my fears for Game 7, Pacers-Heat, what Miami will do if they lose the title, whether anyone can beat San Antonio or not, and why Phil Jackson and Steve Nash might be headed to the same team next season. Also, we made up fake Pau Gasol trades and picked Dwight Howard’s next team. And we tried to jinx Miami as much as we could.

All in all, it was a successful 80 minutes of blabbering.

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