Jose Mourinho Needs To Learn What ‘Surprise’ Means

Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho knows how to tactically nullify the world’s greatest attacking teams, play the press like a fiddle, and (until recently) wear the hell out of a suit. But one thing he apparently sucks at is acting surprised.

Real Madrid stars Sergio Ramos and Iker Casillas celebrated their boss’ 49th birthday Thursday by “surprising” him with a cake. Check the video above, via the fantastic

Settle down there, Super Sweet 16! Note the very public (filmed, even!) cake messengers. Ramos and Casillas reportedly had a training ground argument with Mourinho earlier in the week over his tactics in the first leg of Real’s Copa del Rey quarterfinal with Barcelona (which they lost, 4-3, on aggregate). I’m sure these guys totally went halfsies on a hand fitness trainer for their boss, but this does reek a bit of a publicity stunt.

(Note to self: Next birthday, take a stoic finger scoop of icing and then proceed to make entire party do drills.)

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