All-Star Weekend Podcast & Video Extravaganza: Kyrie Irving, Brook Lopez, LaMarcus Aldridge, Chandler Parsons, and Klay Thompson

Gregory Shamus/NBAE via Getty Images Kyrie Irving

On our first full day in Houston, Jacoby, Zach Lowe, and I had the pleasure of talking with a few of the NBA’s brightest stars. Jacoby spoke with Kyrie Irving about video games, 3-point shooting, and Uncle Drew. I got a chance to talk with Chandler Parsons about the Rockets’ rivalry with the Warriors. I also chatted with comic-book fan (and Nets center) (and All-Star) Brook Lopez, who told me about who hogs the stereo in the Brooklyn locker room and where The Dark Knight Rises stands in the Batman canon. Finally, Zach Lowe got an incredibly detailed account of who sits where on the Blazers’ team plane from LaMarcus Aldridge and heard from Warriors guard Klay Thompson about what it was like to give up 140 points in one game. Check out the full podcast, as well as the video clips, below.

Listen to the full podcast here.

Kyrie Irving

Brook Lopez</h3

LaMarcus Aldridge

Chandler Parsons

Klay Thompson

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