What Does the Game Have to Do to Get Arrested Around Here?

Getty Images The Game

What does Game have to do to land a publicity-boosting arrest?! With his new album R.E.D. Nation in stores this week, the Compton rapper has tried twice now. Last week, he tweeted the phone number for the Compton Sheriff’s department, claiming it was contact info for an internship. After calls jammed emergency lines, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office opened a criminal investigation. But Game apologized, no arrest was made, and the whole thing blew over fast (he did get a CNN interview out of it, at least). But why can’t our dude get arrested for a good old-fashioned street fight? After an incident at an L.A. nightclub on Tuesday morning, the LAPD called him yesterday in for questioning about an allegation that he’d punched a guy. Alas, he was yet again not arrested (turns out he didn’t actually punch anyone) and another perfectly good PR opportunity was squandered. R.E.D. Nation is currently projected to sell roughly 90,000 copies — good enough for the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200, but still not that great. Oh, what might have been.

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