Watch Jimmy Fallon Reunite the ‘Full House’ Guys Last Night, If You Want to Feel Four Minutes Closer to Death

The best part of these reunions is that you can simultaneously feel draped in the warm blanket of nostalgia and grazed by the icy finger of looming Death, watching as life itself flashes before your eyes in a browser window. Danny and Uncle Jesse and Joey, young and perfect in your mind, are now lurking at the edge of your bed, wizened and ratty-Cosby-sweater-swaddled, ready to lead you out to the mossy darkness of the graveyard and show you a headstone depressingly blank of accomplishment. Have mercy, the mulleted Reaper whispers through its leathery — but otherwise demonically well-preserved — Stamos-vessel. Cut it out, hisses Doom-Coulier, noticing the hot, desperate tears in your eyes. (The Infinite Saget mutters something about how hard it is to get laid in this place, but you don’t hear him. The teddy bear song has grown too loud.)

Anyway, enjoy the video. It’s cute! Jimmy’s in his jammies. And he learns that everything’s gonna be fine.

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