Transcript: The Grammy Texters

CBS Grammys texters

During the standing ovation for Glen Campbell’s performance of “Rhinestone Cowboy,” a camera sweeping the audience spied two ladies who were not exactly enthralled with the country legend, momentarily setting Twitter ablaze with disapprobation. This is the transcript of their text message exchange.

Becki1990: luv these seats omg

HotJennaXOXO: u say that every 10 minutes. im sitting right next 2 u talk 2 me bitch!

Becki1990: cant here u over Capt Old Rhinestones or whatever. who is this singing?

HotJennaXOXO: did the Voice guy say Pete Campbell?

Becki1990: sounds right. ugh i hate country. except katy perry. is she country?

HotJennaXOXO: totes country. god i think goatee guy behind me just farted! omg gonna die gaaahhhhhhhhh what a stinko. nice goat, dude

Becki1990: i bet he loves pete campbell up there. l0ser

HotJennaXOXO: whens the whitney part? so borrrrrrrreeddddd

Becki1990: soon i think

HotJennaXOXO: i hope they let adam levine sing i wanna dance with somebody. i want to dance with him

Becki1990: totes sex dance with him LOL

HotJennaXOXO: sluttttttbag

Becki1990: whatever he’s hot.

HotJennaXOXO: wuttt-evarrrrr hoe

Becki1990: Thank ur dad for these seats, so fun

HotJennaXOXO: u know he’s not my dad! did ur bf get us seats? no he didnt

Becki1990: hey did a camera just go by?

HotJennaXOXO: why is everyone standing. sit down losers!

Becki1990: i know! ok Cowboy Rhinestones is done i think


Becki1990: lets go freshen up

HotJenna XOXO: yeah u really need to bitch


HotJennaXOXO: luv u bitch

Becki1990: glen campbell

HotJennaXOXO: what

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