Thor: The Dark World Trailer: Hammer Time

Simon James/FilmMagic Chris Hemsworth

In the immortal battle of Hemsworth vs. Hemsworth, the pendulum had most recently swung in favor of the younger man, Liam. First, the trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire — the one in which Liam’s Gale finally gets to do more than brood from afar — dropped. Then, against all odds, his lady, Miley Cyrus, frog-twerked her way back into our hearts. But now big bro Chris is coming on strong: The trailer for the second installment of his Thor series is here, and it’s got some roaring to do. In just a few minutes, we get forest fires, bridge explosions, a hair-braided half-faced villain, interstellar Natalie Portman abductions, and some solid drop-to-your-knees scream-in-anguish type action. (Stick around to the end, for a little cameo from a prominent player from The Avengers. And, no, it’s not the guy who sold The Avengers shawarma). And, the verdict is … sorry, Liam. Chris has his own franchise. For now, he is truly the greatest Hemsworth of them all.

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